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I'd be so grateful if somebody would be willing to illustrate this for me. *offers cookies* :D

Title: Three Way Kiss
Pairing: Harry/Fred/George
Rating: NC17
Summary: Fred and George know Harry is under a lot of stress and they offer to... uh... help.
Warnings: Alcohol consumption, drunken fumbling and brief het omg!!
Words: 2,160

Harry was drunk.

Harry was very, very drunk.

Harry had called himself Heer Poa on more than three occasions tonight and had decided to take a back seat and just watch the others for a while.

It was all going rather well, actually. Tonight had been planned by Fred and George as a way of taking everyone’s minds off… well… things. They’d all been working very hard trying to find these Horcruxes and the stress had been getting to them. But now, after Merlin knows how many pints of beer they’d downed, the pesky things just didn’t seem quite so important. Harry giggled as Ron knocked over an empty beer bottle and apologised to it, then stuck out his tongue and pulled a face when, out of nowhere, he’d locked lips with Hermione and started to try and suck her tonsils out.

He picked up his bottle and took a swig, leaning comfortably back against the big squishy chair and gazing happily into the fire. It was so warm and cosy and friendly in here and Harry could feel himself slipping into a sort of daze. The alcohol had made his head very fuzzy and there was a rather stupid grin plastered across his face as he sunk down into the soft cushioned seat.

“Alright there, Harry, mate?” Fred’s voice burst through the silence, snapping Harry back into reality… blurred and hazy as it was. He looked up at the redhead and smiled, practically lying on his back in the armchair with his legs hanging quite a way off the end, bottle still clutched in his hand.

Fred chuckled and ruffled Harry’s hair as an identical redheaded boy plonked himself down on the opposite arm. Another Fred… oh God… he was so drunk.

No, wait… that was probably George.

He laughed and raised his bottle to both boys, struggling to push himself back up. “Three cheers for Fred and George,” he hiccupped, but Ron was too busy on the other side of the room struggling to undo Hermione’s bra and Hermione looked as if she’d fallen asleep on Ron’s shoulder. Harry gave three cheers, regardless, and brought his bottle back to his lips for another slug. Fred stopped him.

“Ah ah, I think you’ve had enough for today, mate,” he said with a grin, taking the bottle from Harry’s hand and finishing it off himself. Harry looked dumbstruck for several moments, then quite livid.

“Hey,” he cried, voice cracking slightly, cheeks flushed a brilliant shade of pink. “I haven’t finished with that, yet.”

“Yes you have… look.” Fred shook the empty bottle in front of Harry’s face and smirked across at his twin.

Harry looked at the bottle. “Oh…” he said, looking less than completely coherent, then shrugged. “I guess I have, then.”

“We were wondering, you see…” George began.

“And we didn’t want you to be too drunk so as not to understand exactly what we were suggesting…” continued Fred.

“Because there’s a fine line between making the most of a situation and abusing it…”

“And the last thing we want is to hurt our Harry, isn’t that right, George?”

George nodded and Harry found himself completely lost between the two of them. Who was abusing what, now?

“See, we know that you’re under a lot of stress…”

“… a lot of the time…”

“… and we were talking the other day about ways to try and… alleviate that. You know, take your mind off it for a while.”

“Give you time to enjoy other things.”

“There’s so much you’re missing out on, Harry.”

“And we could help you with that.”

“If you want us to, of course.”


“What do you say?” they finished together.

Harry blinked and frowned slightly, looking vacantly across the room at the fireplace. “I… what…?”

Fred and George exchanged glances over the top of Harry’s messy black head and simultaneously leaned in and licked identical trails up both sides of Harry’s neck.

Harry gasped and sat bolt up right, eyes wide and arms rigid by his side, though he didn’t flee… which was something. No one spoke for a while and Fred finally had to tap Harry on the shoulder to get his attention.

“Er… Harry? You alright there?”

“Uh huh,” Harry squeaked and gave a small nod, the tiniest of tiny grins tugging at the corners of his mouth. “Did you two just… lick me?”

The twins nodded. “Yeah. Did you like it?” asked George, looking slightly unsure of himself.

Harry laughed, eyes still fixed on the fireplace, and nodded. “Do it again.”

He licks his lip and bit down on his tongue as he felt the twins lean in again and nibble on his earlobes. It felt really… wet. Nice, though, really nice, and warm and then there was breath, too and wow… why had Ginny never nibbled on his ears before?


Jesus… Ginny Weasley!! Like Fred and George Weasley… Holy Hell… he was having his ears nibbled by his ex girlfriend’s brothers. And it felt really good and he should probably feel guilty but he didn’t and that was actually quite a turn on.

He suddenly felt two hand sliding in unison down over his shoulders and over his chest. They found their way under the fabric of his shirt and before he knew it, it was being pulled up, over his stomach, over his chest, the mouths were gone from his ears and at some point his arms were lifted over his head and then his shirt was gone and he wasn’t actually too sure how that had happened, but who cared? Fred slid down into the seat beside him, mouth back at his neck again, sucking and licking along his pulse line as George’s hand tangled in his hair and tugged lightly, pulling his head back so he could run his tongue along Harry’s jaw and up under his chin.

He’d always closed his eyes when he’d kissed Ginny, and maybe it was the alcohol, or the fact that he was having a hard time believing that this was real, but when George’s tongue slid wetly over his lips and darted into his mouth, it was all he could do to not stare. He kissed back after a few moments of mild surprise and quite liked the fact that George’s mouth tasted like butterscotch and whiskey.

“You still okay, Harry?” Fred whispered into his ear and Harry nodded, moaning happily into George’s mouth as their tongues swirled and danced and slithered against each other messily. He’d only been kissing George for a couple of seconds, but it was already more fun than any of the kisses he’d shared with Ginny. She was all soft and sweet and Harry didn’t mind that at all, but she never tasted like alcohol and his lips were never left soaked in saliva when he kissed her and this was making him want to get naked and dance on the table… or something.

He felt Fred’s hand on his chest, sliding over his heated skin, fingers rubbing over a nipple until it was nice and hard and he couldn’t help but arch into the touch, clinging to George with one hand while the other moved down to clutch at the bulge that had suddenly appeared in his pants. He had no idea when that had happened.

He heard a soft chuckle in his ear and finally broke the kiss, turning round to Fred to see what was so funny. “What…? What is it?” he panted breathlessly, but Fred only smiled and leaned forward to bite and suck on his lower lip. George’s hand tangled further in his hair, pulling his head back and exposing more of his neck before latching onto it with his teeth and biting. Harry found himself with Fred’s tongue in his mouth now and it was a different kind of kiss than George’s. Rougher, not unpleasantly so, more teeth than tongue, nipping and biting and sucking. They tasted the same, though, and Harry was glad, because he rather liked that. He felt Fred’s hand move down his chest and take hold of his wrist, pulling it away from his groin and holding it against his stomach. Harry whimpered, bucking his hips in his seat in protest, though the kissing didn’t stop once.

George’s mouth was moving down from his neck now, anyway, licking over his collarbone and dipping into the hollow of his throat. Harry heard something scrape against the wooden table to his right, behind George, but couldn’t bring himself to turn his head and look. It was only when he felt something cool and wet running down over his chest that he realised it was whiskey. He moaned at the contrast of warm tongue and cool liquid as George lapped at the alcohol that had collected in Harry’s belly button and sucked and licked his way up the centre of Harry’s abdomen in an attempt to collect every last drop poured.

It was then that Fred finally moved back and Harry took a gasp of air that he hadn’t even been aware of needing and licked the taste of whiskey and butterscotch from his lips as he watched Fred move down to join his brother. It was so fucking hot. Harry had no idea if he’d have agreed to this sober, but he wasn’t sober, so that was the end of that line of thought. He squirmed slightly, Fred having released Harry’s wrist, and ran his fingers through both of the twins’ hair. It was tangled and sticky from sweat and spilled alcohol, but that didn’t matter, it felt nice, anyway and Harry closed his eyes and tilted his head back as Fred bit down on a nipple and tugged. Fuck!!

The bulge in his trousers had grown bigger and he could feel it throbbing against his underwear and every time he moved it rubbed against the course cotton. He squirmed in his seat, moving his hips from this side to that, rolling them back and forth as teeth and tongue and lips worked their way up and down his sticky chest. The skin around his nipples was now bruised and tender, but he liked the way it felt when they bit him. He smelled of alcohol and his flesh was all sticky and some of the whiskey had run down into his pants and dried in his pubic hair, but that didn’t matter, because Fred and George were now back onto his throat and he didn’t know which way to turn his head any more to let them bite.

He whimpered when two pairs of lips found his mouth and he kissed them both, tongue meeting tongue, meeting tongue in a fierce kiss that made Harry’s whole body feel as if it were on fire. Sweaty noses were squashed against temples, eyelashes tickled foreheads and chins moved awkwardly against cheeks, but all that mattered were those wet tongues that kept invading, kept pushing and fighting and… wow… he didn’t know how much more he could take.

Finally, there was a hand on his groin, working the buttons on his jeans and fiddling with his zip and underwear until he cock was exposed and standing to full attention. Then two hands closed around it. Two. Fred’s hand and George’s hand and they were both stroking him as they kissed him. He glanced briefly to the side and saw that Fred had hold of his own cock, too. As did George. They were all kissing and getting off and they were going to come together and fuck, if that wasn’t the hottest thing Harry had ever heard of. He moaned into both mouths, feeling the scrape of teeth against his tongue, then the glide of hot flesh against his swollen lips. He bucked upwards into their hands, already so close that he could feel his orgasm dancing in the back of his stomach.

It was like lava coursing through his veins, bubbling under the surface of his skin. It was magnificent and he couldn’t help but cry out loudly as it was finally ripped from him with enough force that he could have sworn every organ in his body had just exploded with him. He groaned as he finished, warm, sticky come splashing onto his stomach and sticking his pubes together even more. The twins came together several seconds after and they both moaned in perfect unison, and despite it being incredibly sexy, Harry couldn’t help but laugh.

Fred looked up, beads of sweat trickling down his forehead and off the end of his nose. “What’s so funny?” he asked, grinning like a loon.

“I have no idea,” Harry replied, still chuckling and relaxing back into his seat.

Both twins laughed along with him and moved back to clean themselves up and tuck themselves back into their trousers. “So, Harry… what do you think? Better than Ginny?”

“Much,” Harry nodded. “Two tongues are definitely better than one.”
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