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HP Synergy

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n. pl. syn·er·gies

1. The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects.

2. Cooperative interaction among groups, especially among the acquired subsidiaries or merged parts of a corporation, that creates an enhanced combined effect.

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HP Synergy piccie by the lovely lizardspots!

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What is this community about, then?

It's about anything to do with collaborations between artists and writers in the Harry Potter fandom. Slash (m/m or f/f), het or gen are all welcome.

In addition, members may post requests to see if they can inspire the other artists and writers in the group. (See below for full details.)

Pimping your collaborative efforts
If you already have a fic or artwork that another author or artist was inspired by, or that you produced as a collaborative effort, please post them to the group for everyone to enjoy! Please make it clear in the subject line of your post that it is a plug post rather than a request though, for everyone's sanity.

As with other posts as described below, please put links behind a cut to provide an extra layer to click through. Hopefully this will avoid restricting access to the community.

'Personal' Ads
No, not what you're thinking - do you have a great idea for a writer/artist collaboration, such as a comic? Post a few details here and see if another group member is your perfect partner for the project.

By clicking on links to NC-17 fics or art, you are stating you are old enough to view or read it. We have asked that posters put links behind a cut to avoid accidental viewing of NC-17 art in particular. Please do not abuse the mods' trust by reading, viewing, posting or commenting on anything you are not of legal age to view.

Please read the guidelines below carefully before posting to this community, and have fun!

Can I request art/fic for my own work?

As a member of this community you may (and are positively encouraged to!) post or link to a piece of your own artwork or one of your fics. You can submit more than one to the community but each must be in its own post unless part of a series. Any request posts with multiple links will be deleted by your eagle-eyed mods. Please don't post everything you have ever written all at once, however, because firstly, you won't have anything to post later, and secondly, there are other people in the community who would like to post without swamping the group and everyone's friends lists. We're not going to make a 'one per week' or anything rule unless we need to - just show consideration for others and there won't be a problem.

You can use the following template if you want, but if not please make the details included below clear in your post. It's in your own interests – the easier it is to understand, the more likely someone will be to take up your request. The subject line must clearly state REQUEST to differentiate it from a promotional post, however.

Subject: FIC REQUEST (if art posted) / ART REQUEST (if fic posted)
Title: (enter title of posted art or fic)
Character(s)/Pairing(s): (enter character(s) or pairing(s) of posted art or fic)
Rating: (enter rating of posted art or fic)
Warnings: (enter any warning you think may be necessary)

This information must be clearly visible in your post, but all fics and all links to fic or art must be behind a cut so that rating/warnings can be deemed to have been read before clicking on the cut link. As a reader of this community, you are stating that you are old enough to read / view the contents behind the cut by clicking on it.

Can I rec other people's work as well as my own that I would like to see inspire someone?

You can, provided that you have the permission of the author/artist. Any fic or artwork posted to the community that isn't yours will be deleted if you do not first get permission from it's creator.

I'm inspired! What do I do if I want to respond to the request?

Add a comment to the post when you decide to take it on if you wish, but certainly post a link to your inspired fic or art or the fic itself when it is complete. Make a new post to the community with your response, and include a link to the request post. Then just sit back and wait for everyone to adore you! The mods will round up responses for the community's memories at regular intervals. Of course, you are free to post and pimp it yourself anywhere else you like as well!

Yippee! Someone responded to my request, what do I do now?

Grovelling at their feet and promising them your first-born or sexual favours usually goes down well. Or you could just say thank you! You could also take a look and see if you can respond to someone else's request and make them feel as excited as you do right now.

Love from your friendly mod:

son_of_darkness (fic)