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Art request

I have a request for all you arty people...

Can someone please draw this line His big, bad Auror was lying back in bed, toying idly with the tail of his stuffed lion from hd_365 entry I have 3 people already agreeing that someone should..but who??? please!!!!! you'll get my undying devotion!! *muahz*

EDIT: From the creator of the lion..Harry's lion is named Gryff, and he's tan with a red mane and tail tuft, and that he has a red heart embroidered on his chest. Gryff made his first appearance right around Valentine's Day, when Draco gave him to Harry as a gift.

it would aslo make sense if you actually read it! just click on entry up there...
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I'll take it on if someone can give me a photo of a stuffed lion for reference. Also a picture/photo of a man lying down please ^_^

I suck at coloring though, so it'll probably end up black and white...
And *cough* here's the only drawble I have up on the Internet. Did that in 15 minutes or under, IIRC.

I'll obviously spend more time on this piece ^^;;
thanks so much for the offer, ur going to have to ask Jae about that, i dunno if there r any pics of the lion...

and the drawing was adorable!
Let me surf the 'net this weekend for photos of stuffed lions. It would be awesome of you to draw Harry and "Gryff"!