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An Idea/Challenge/Gift-of-Thanks from s2b

I have been spending a lot of time on hp_fanart and have enjoyed the postings immensely.  However, since I'm not an artist, I feel like I have been taking and not giving anything back (have made comments, but still...).  So I wanted to give the artists there something, just an idea that looked like fun to draw.  I posted it there, and they suggested that this community was a better place, so here goes -- an idea....

I have been following Lightning on the Wave's fabulous series of HP fan novels and came across a scene that I would love to see illustrated. I was wondering where the right place was to post it -- as an idea, or a challenge, or a drawing bunny (art-plot bunny?), or something.

Here is the excerpt. What do all of you HP artists think? Would you want to draw it? It seems like it would be a lot of fun (*bats eyes encouragingly*)....

This is from Chapter 63, titled Cousin Arcturus Had a Sense of Humor, of Wind that Shakes the Sea and Stars, by Lightning on the Wave (

There was something odd about the place, though, beyond its general oddness. Harry shifted and glanced over his shoulder. He felt as though someone were watching him, even though no portrait hung in the room.

“Regulus?” he asked.

“Hmmm?” Regulus had worked his way over to the other side of the room, and a large mosaic made entirely of polished blue shells. “Watch this, Harry.” He stroked the shells, and they went into motion, bending and rising to mimic waves of the sea. Harry stepped closer, and smiled to see merfolk rising from the waves, mostly to stick their tongues out at the watchers and then dive back again.

“Do you feel like someone’s watching you? Is it normal?”

Regulus blinked at him, puzzled. “Well, no. I mean, Cousin Arcturus does sometimes leave his portrait and wander around the house, but I can feel him right now, and he’s asleep. Is something the matter?”

“Someone is watching me,” said Harry, as the instinct, sharpened through years of training, grew more and more insistent. “I don’t know why. It’s annoying,” he added, raising his voice, just in case the eyes belonged to something that could hear him and be persuaded to stop.

The thing watching did seem to hear him, but the sensation of eyes just sharpened instead. The next thing Harry knew, teeth closed on his ankle. He hopped backward, swearing, even as he remembered one room he had seen when he was here with Narcissa, where small creatures darted out from the bed to bite his ankles.

When he looked down, he suspected that he was in rather more trouble. A long tendril of silver-green extended from the wall, resembling a thin snake. It tugged him insistently nearer to the wall, and Harry had to hop with the pull. It felt as though the teeth were hooked under his skin.

Regulus, behind him, didn’t sound alarmed. “It’s all right, Harry. I didn’t know this would happen, but it’s normal.” His voice had an undertone of excitement that didn’t really reassure Harry. “Just go to the wall. The house wants to taste you.”

“Taste me?” Harry shook his head, but kept hopping, giving in to the snake’s impatient tugs, until he stood next to the silvery wood wall it sprouted out of. Immediately, an enormous blue tongue formed and licked his face, then moved down and licked a shoulder through his robes, then swiped each arm and leg.

Harry shuddered. The tongue was cold and wet. He could imagine that Arcturus Black had probably thought this a hugely funny joke to wake his guests in the night with, but he wished he could have heard about it instead of experienced it.

The tongue let him go. Harry realized the snake had, too, and backed away from the wall, watching it warily. The tongue slid over a pair of enormous lips, and then retracted into the wood with a satisfied purr.

Harry felt a new presence in his mind at the same moment. It bedded down behind his thoughts, and purred.
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