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Seeking an artist to illustrate a one-shot, very short, as a personal b-day gift

I want to give myself a very special birthday present, and I've even said I'll pay for the commission, if that's necessary. I would love to have the following story (my contribution to a round-robin on The Silver Snitch) illustrated.

It's a very big birthday for me, coming this June. I want to celebrate it with mirth and tongue-in-cheek giggles. I want someone to take a look and let me know if this is doable, if there's enough here to make something of, and I wasn't kidding about money.

Again, the birthday is 15 June, thus, the artist would have plenty of time for illustration and art beta-ing. I hope!

I've tried before to get someone interested in illustrating a story of mine and didn't even get an F.O. note telling my writing stinks. I'm here as a glutton for punishment. One more time.

Thank you.

A List of Things Harry is not Allowed to do...Creature-style

Main Characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione
Rating: PG-13 to Guilty(R)
Genres: Farce/Parody/Humor, One Shot, AU(Alternate Universe)
Warnings: Sexual Content, Adult Language, Dangerous Muse
Chapters: 1/1 (formerly on The Silver Snitch)
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