kiki (beyond_pale) wrote in hp_synergy,

here's a plot-bunnish doodle

Discreet — a rough sketch by beyond_pale
Character/Pairing: Draco/Ron
Rating: PG, unless you have a dirty mind, in which case R or above.
Length: n/a this is ART!
Warning: My scanner is busted, so this is a digital photo, thus quality-issues. Ignore the fact that Draco has four or five arms; I couldn't get the placement right.
Notes: A loose, sort-of provocatively unfinished sketch overflowing with R/D slashy shippiness; I'm not quite certain what Hermione's doing there; I was VERY BORED in a lecture, and yawning, so wanted to draw someone yawning as well (though she could just as easily be gasping or giggling, I suppose). This cries out for a plot or story to go with.


x-posted to hp_fanart and ron_draco as well
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